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Safeguard Rules-2010

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Finance
Responsible Agency: Bangladesh Trade & Tariff Commission (BTTC)
Issuing Date: 07-06-2010
Bangladesh Tariff Commission
May 7, 2010
Safeguard Tariff Rules 2010
Under GATT (Article 19) a member of WTO may restrict imports of a product temporarily and could impose “Safeguard” actions - if its domestic industry is injured or threatened with injury, by a surge in imports and the injury done is deemed to be “serious for domestic industry”.
The Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC) has published the Safeguard Tariff Rules 2010; on behave of the Ministry of Commence (MoC) to reduce any adverse impact due to action of any WTO members on domestic industry.
These rules have detailed discussed how and when “safeguard” actions are assessed and used in Bangladesh. This rules also discussed the process, steps and conditions of imposing safeguard mechanism.

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