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Bahrain keen on boosting trade with Bangladesh

Updated on : 13-02-2018

Bahrain keen on boosting trade with Bangladesh

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is keen on boosting trade with Bangladesh to achieve the common aspirations of the two friendly countries.

BCCI Chairman Khalid Abdulrahman Al-Moayyed has stressed the need to enhance the economic relations between Bahrain and Bangladesh.

He also highlighted BCCI’s interest in boosting trade relations with Bangladesh to develop the partnership ties between the business sectors in the two countries.

Al-Moayyed made the statement during a meeting held recently at Beint Al-Tijjar, with the Bangladesh State Minister of Finance M A Mannan in the presence of BCCI board member, Jawad Al-Hawaj.

BCCI chief expressed the desire of the private sector in Bahrain to develop the economic relations with Bangladesh.

He stressed the importance of exchanging visits between the representatives of various trade and industrial sectors to discuss the available investment opportunities and develop them.

He welcomed the opening of new investment channels between the two countries.

State minister M A Mannan welcomed the efforts to strengthen bilateral and economic relations, reports, News of Bahrain.

He also welcomed the consolidation of the cooperation mechanisms between BCCI and Bangladesh to achieve common economic interests.

He stressed the importance of increasing visits between trade delegations from the two countries, especially in the specialised sectors.

 (Courtesy: The Independent)

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