Legal Document

Title: Carbides Rules-2013
Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Department of Explosives
Responsible Agency: Department of Explosives
Issuing Date: 23-12-2013
Bangladesh Gazette
Carbide Rules
Monday, December 23, 2013
Government Fees under the current Carbide regulations, 2003 – 22(a), 23 (a) 43 (1), 48 (2) (a), 49(1) are as follows:
1.     License fees for importing Carbide:
a.     By land: At the rate of BDT 500 per ton minimum BDT 1,600 and maximum BDT 15,000.
b.     By air: At the rate of BDT 1,000 per ton minimum BDT 3,000 and maximum BDT 20,000.
2.     Additional License fees for importing Carbide by air apply as follows:
a.     For general storage: At the rate of BDT 750 minimum BDT 2,000 and maximum BDT 16,000.
b.     For storage near anacetylene plant: At the rate of BDT 1,000 maximum BDT 20,000 per license.

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