Legal Document

Title: Rules to Import Radiation Emitting Machine
Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (BAERA)
Responsible Agency: Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (BAERA)
Issuing Date: 01-01-2014
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (BAERA)
General Rules to receive Import Permits
Applicants must have a valid license from BAERA before applying for an Import Permit. A dully filled out Application Form must be submitted to BAERA.
Documents to be submitted with Application Form
1.     Copy of a dully signed invoice provided by concerned Export Agency.
2.     A single invoice go each Radiation Emitting Machine must be submitted. If it has submitted with accessories then a 2% permit fee will be added on C&F value.
3.     A Money Exchange Rate Certificate issued by the Bank  managing the funds exchange.
4.     Copy of LC  issued by Bank
5.     Product Catalogue detailing the Radiation Emitting Machinery imported. 
6.     Standards Certificate issued by concerned country’s Standard Institution/ Competent Authority to ensure the X-ray machine conforms to ISO/IEC standards.
7.     List of companies to whom earlier exported X-ray/CT/Mammography were sold.
The application to import must be submitted  to BAERA at least one month before discharge of the goods from port.
Note: Please find attached original Rules in Bengali
For any clarification, Applicant is suggestedto contact to
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority
E-12/A, ShahidShahabuddinShorok, Agargaon
PO Box-240, Dhaka-1207 
Phone: +88028181337

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