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SME Business Manual (March 2013)

Type: Instruction
Issuing Agency: SME Foundation
Responsible Agency: SME Foundation
Issuing Date: 01-03-2013


Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Foundation

4 Panthapath, Dhaka- 1215

SME Business Manual (Business Instruction)

SME Business Manual was published on March 2013 as Business Instruction. The manual is the detail description of various licenses, permissions, registrations, certificates, and approvals from different regulatory bodies designated by the government. The main objectives of the book is to provide regulatory information to entrepreneurs so that they would be able to protect and enhance their businesses and can save business from unwanted hassles as well. The Manual, comprised of 12 chapter, works as guidebook on regulatory procedures prevailing in the country intends to assist SMEs. Contents of the manual are briefly delineated below. 


Chapter Title

Focus Area

Chapter I

Business Startup

Business Identification & Preliminary activities

Selection of Goods & Service

Location Selection

Business feasibility study

Business Planning

Qualification of a successful businessman

Potential SME sectors

Trade License

Company Registration

Chapter II

Tax & VAT

TIN Collection

VAT Registration Certificate

VAT Central Registration

Enlisting for Turnover Tax

Tax Holiday

Chapter III

Banking & Insurance

Banking & Non-Banking Financial Institutions

Opening Bank Account

Initial Steps to receive Bank credit

Equity & Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF)

Small Enterprise Fund (SEF)


Chapter IV

Infrastructure & Utility Service

Land allocation in EPZ

Industrial Plot Allocation

Required documents to get Gas Connection

Required documents to get Electricity Connection  

Required documents to get Water & Sewerage  Connection 

Required documents to get Telephone & Fax Connection

SME Helpline Centre  

Chapter V

Registration & License

Environmental Clearance

Fire License

RAJUK Approval

BOI Approval

Factory Plan

Registration Certificate from Inspector of Boiler

Construction Certificate from RAJUK

Registration with Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)

GSP Issue

Chapter VI

Quality Certification

Product Labeling

Product Packaging

Quality Certification Mark

Chapter VII

Import & Export Procedures

Export Registration Certificate (ERC)

Import Registration Certificate (IRC)

Bounded Warehouse License

Letter of Credit (LC)

Back to Back LC

Export Contract

Exchange Bill

Commercial Invoice

Bill of Lading (BL)

Ocean Insurance Policy

Certificate of Origin

Inspection Certificate

Phytosanitary Certificate

GSP Certificate

C&F Agent

Required documents for Import & Export

Pre-shipment inspection procedures

Chapter VII

Technology & Intellectual Property

BCSRIR’s industrial process lease out

Patent Registration Certificate

Design Registration Certificate

Trademark Registration

National Productivity Organization

Chapter IX

Marketing Management

Marketing Function

Marketing Management

Market Function

Consumer Behavior

Product Brand Name

Distribution System

Market Survey


Product Lifecycle

Chapter X

Business Planning


Brief Description of Business

Description of Goods & Services

Marketing Planning

Organization & Management Planning

Financial Planning

Other Work Planning

Chapter XI

Professional Health & Security

Legal basis of Health Protection

Legal basis of Security

Legal basis of Welfare activities

Working Hours & Leave

Child Labor

Chapter XII


Business Management

Land Purchase

Production Management

Office Management

Raw Material Collection

Labor & Manpower

Machineries Installation


SME Product Display & Information Centre

SME Advisory Service Centre

Please click the link to view the full manual : SME Business Manual (March 2013)

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