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Import without Opening LC or Import with LCA Form

Type: Circular
Issuing Agency: Bangladesh Bank
Responsible Agency: Bangladesh Bank
Issuing Date: 12-07-2014

Import without Opening LC or with LCA Form


Amendment of Import Policy Order 2012-15

Ministry of Commerce, Dhaka


Circular issue by Bangladesh Bank

July 12, 2015



Under section 3 of Import Policy Order 2012-15, this is notified that import could be done with LCA Form or without opening LC.


1.     This is also notifying that perishable goods could be imported through Technaf border without opening LC. The maximum amount of import shall not exceed US$ 50000.00 in a single shipment. The amount of import value shall not exceed maximum US$ 10,000.00 through other land customs station.

2.     Regarding importing food items there is no ceiling of import value.

3.     Import ceiling for industrial raw materials shall not exceed US$ 200,000.00

4.     Import from Myanmar could be maximum 50,000.00 for foods items and maximum 30,000 for non food items

5.     Regarding rice import under TCB shall not exceed US$ 200,000.00 without opening LC.

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