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How to Import by Public Sector

How to Import by Public Sector


Public Sector Import   

(1)        All Ministries and Government Departments may import goods against specific     allocation given to them by the Government. But in case of import of plants and          plant products clearance certificate issued by Plant Protection Authority under Plant Quarantine Act, 2011 must be taken.

(2)        All Ministries and Government Departments except the Ministry of Defence shall first duly submit L/C Authorization Form to their nominated Banks before opening L/C for the purpose of import.

(3)        Import against specific allocation of funds- All Public Sector agencies, public sector corporations, research institutes, industrial units and Public Universities may be allowed to import permissible items on the basis of specific allocation of funds made by the Government to them for import against Government allocation. Accordingly all eligible importers shall be allowed to open Letters of Credit directly through their nominated Banks for import of permissible items on submission of L/C Authorization Forms on the basis of allocation or sub-allocation of funds without any import license.

(4)        Import under Government allocation by industrial enterprises or agencies- Government allocation for import may be made to the public sector industrial units or agencies in proportion to their requirement subject to availability of foreign exchange. Such public sector importers may import their items approved by the Ministry of Commerce in any proportion or combination within the overall allocation made to them. They shall not however sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of any imported item in unprocessed form.

(5)        Import under cash foreign exchange- In addition to imports under Government allocation the public sector importers will also be eligible to import any permissible item under cash foreign exchange.

(6)        Import Registration Certificate (IRC) required by the public sector- Import Registration Certificate (IRC) shall not be required for importers by the public sector.

(7)        Import under Cash Against Delivery (CAD)- Public sector agencies shall be allowed to import  under “Cash Against Delivery (CAD)” basis in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Bangladesh Bank.

(8)        Guidelines for import of goods by Public Sector Agencies---All Government agencies are to fulfill the following conditions while importing goods, as:---

a)        Quotations shall be obtained before opening of letters of credit to verify the comparative market price and procurement shall be made at the most competitive rate and the provisions of Public Procurement Act, 2006 & Public Procurement Regulation, 2008 shall be applicable; and

(b)        In case of import under cash and conditional loan or grant, at least three quotations shall be obtained from registered Indentors or from foreign suppliers:

            Provided that, this condition shall not apply in case of proprietary items or where               value    of the consignment is less than taka one lac only.

(9)        Pre-shipment Inspection of goods- Where the value of a single item authorized for import is Taka fifty lac or above, the importing agency shall arrange Pre-shipment Inspection.

(10)      Pre-shipment Inspection shall be entrusted to internationally reputed surveyors only:

Provided that, Public Sector Agencies may however, be allowed to clear goods on production of a certificate from their Administrative Ministry to the effect that pre-shipment inspection requirement has been waived by that Ministry in respect of the imported items or that no pre-shipment in respect of a particular consignment was considered necessary.

(11)      Import by the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) - TCB shall import any permissible item, arms & ammunition and  TCB shall also be allowed to import banned & restricted items upto approved quantity within the specified time with the prior permission of the Ministry of Commerce and TCB shall avail itself all the facilities of industrial & commercial imports provided by this Order.


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