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Good Import Related Dhaka Clean Fuel Program 4 June 2015

Type: SROs
Issuing Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Responsible Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Issuing Date: 04-06-2015


The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Ministry of Finance

Internal Resource Unit


Customs and VAT




June 4, 2015


SRO No. 158-Law/2015/38/Customs. In accordance with Customs Act, 1969 (Act No. IV of 1969) – Section 20, the government upon due consultation with NBR has decided to modify the SRO No. 11-Law/2015/2063/Customs as follows:


In the column-1 of the above-mentioned circulation,


a.     HS Code “7307.92.00” will be replaced by “7307.92.90” in Sl. No. 12

b.     HS Code “8538.90.00” will be replaced by “8538.90.90” in Sl. No. 32




[Note: Download the pdf for full document]









With the permission of the President,

Signed by


Md. Nazibur Rahman



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