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Bangladesh Animal and Animal Product Quarantine Act-2005

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Issuing Date: 28-02-2005



Bangladesh Gazette

Monday, February 28, 2005


This law concerns the control of animal diseases to improve public health. In summary, it dictates what needs to be done to avoid the import of infectious disease via imported animals or animal products.

While importing animals or any animal products, importers shall abide by this law to ensure imported animals are free from any infectious disease.

If an importer imports animals without due diligence and health certificates, and no animals are injured and no infectious diseases are imported in the process, then the government may settle the case accordingly.

An importer may appeal any decision made under this law within 30 days of notice.

If a company commits a breach of under this law, every director, manager, secretary or other officials may be held accountable according to the appropriate penalties under law.

Refer to the Bangla pdf for more details including penalties and remedies.

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