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Conditions of Import Policy(2012-15) to import Fish and Animal Food

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Issuing Date: 24-12-2012
Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Retrieved from IPO 2012-15
December 24, 2012
Imported raw materials to be used in the production of food and beverage, need the date of production and expiration written or printed on the package.
All shipping documents must be accompanied by approval certificates issued by the due authority, along with any required instructions on expiration or usage dates. This sis to ensure the product is not harmful for health and it contains no harmful ingredients.
The importer must submit all necessary information with regards to imported food on standard forms to BSTI and BCSIR.
On arrival, Customs may submit samples of food products to BSTI and BCSIR for approval. If the product fails to meet quality tests, the authority will take necessary steps according to the law.
If the imported food is identified as of lower quality than BSTI standard, the importer must return the product back to the sourcing country or, to some other country, at his own cost.
Government imported disaster relief foods must be tested by the Ministry of Food prior to distribution.
While importing food in the form of GMO or LMO, Bangladesh Bio-Safe Guidelines need to be followed.
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