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Title: Bangladesh Land Port Authority Act-2001
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Shipping
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Shipping
Issuing Date: 16-04-2001


Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Ministry of Shipping


Bangladesh Land Port Authority Act-2001



The Act was  published on 16th April, 2001. It was proclaimed to establish a separate Land Port Authority with a view to facilitating  imports into and exports from Bangladesh. The act provides detail description of the formation, management, development & expansion of the Bangladesh Land Port Authority. The Act is comprised of 23 sections.


Key issues of  The Bangladesh Land Port Authority Act-2001


Proclamation of Land Port

As per the Section 9 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), the Government can declare any Land Customs Stations as Land Port by publish gazette notification.

 Establishment of Authority

1.     The Government will form Bangladesh Land Port Authority as soon as possible after the act come into force.

2.     The authority shall be statutory body with the power of acquiring moveable & no moveable property


Constitution of Board

The Board will be comprised of following people

1.     A Chairman

2.     Three Full-time member

3.     Three Part-time member

Power & Function of the Board

1.     Policy Formation to conduct, manage, develop & expansion of the activities of the land port

2.     Appointment of operator to receive & discharge commodities

3.     Preparing Fee Schedule (subject to the pre-approval of the government)

4.     Signing Treaty under the obligation of this Act

Fee Schedule

1.     Subject to the pre-approval of the government, the Land Port Authority will prepare Fee Schedule

2.     Land Port Authority can rebate any fee Subject to the order of the government

Appointment of Employee


1.     They authority can appoint required number of employee to properly perform its activities

2.     Government can send any employee of following agencies on deputation basis to the Land Port Authority

-      Mongla Port Authority

-      Chittagong Port Authority

-      Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority

-      Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation

-      Bangladesh Shipping Corporation

Fund Management

The Authority shall have a fund and receive money from following sources

1.     Government grant

2.     Credit received by the authority

3.     grant provided by any local authority or person/institution

4.     Property selling money

5.     Collecting fee, tax, levy and toll

Authority can deposit money to any schedule bank and withdraw money maintaining proper procedures.



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