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Freight Forwarding Agents (Licensing And Operations)Rules

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Customs Commissionerate
Responsible Agency: National Board of Revenue
Issuing Date: 23-01-2008


The government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh

National Board of Revenue



23 January, 2008

SRO No. 18-Law/2008/2174/VAT- Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969) – Section 207, section 219 and the third schedule of Item21


According to this circulation, the licensing authority will be responsible for following duties:
a.       Receiving applications for licensing as a Freight Forwarder .
b.      Review of received applications .
c.       Providing licenses.
d.      Renewal of Licenses.
e.       Temporary withdraw licenses.
f.        Taking any necessary measures if irregularities are found in the operations and processing of freight by a Freight Forwarder.
g.       Cancellation of licenses.
h.      Supervision of licensing activities.
To obtain a license to act as a Freight Forwarder, one must apply to the licensing authority on the prescribed form and accompanied by the following documents:
a.       Updated copy of trade license.
b.      Taxpayers Identification Number Certificate.
c.       Verified income certificate issued by the income tax authority.
d.      Bank certificate ensuring financial solvency.
e.       In case of any company or organization, copies of the national identity cards of all directors and members, along with 3 passport sized photos of all parties.
f.        In case of any company or organization, a copy of the registration of the relevant company, memorandum of association and articles of association.
g.       Copy of agreements with the land lord if the business place is rented
h.      Pay a non-refundable BDT 5,000 as licensing fee, with evidence of payment being by treasury challan, bank draft or pay-order.
i.         Brief description if the applicant has any prior experience in freight forwarding.
Within the 30 days of application, the licensing authority will take all necessary steps to issue or cancel a license or make a formal request for more information.
The Licensing authority will arrange written or oral tests to assess the relevant knowledge of applicants before taking the decision to issue a license.
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