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Interest rate on borrowing from Export Development Fund (EDF)

Type: Circular
Issuing Agency: Bangladesh Bank
Responsible Agency: Bangladesh Bank
Issuing Date: 15-12-2013


Foreign Exchange Policy Department

Bangladesh Bank
Head Office


FE Circular No. 15                                                                                                           Date:  December 15, 2013



All Authorized Dealers of Foreign Exchange in Bangladesh


Dear Sirs,

Interest rate on borrowing from Export Development Fund (EDF)


Please refer to paragraph 2 of FE Circular No. 25, dated December 22, 2009 in terms of which interest on EDF loan disbursements to Authorized Dealers (ADs) in USD is charged interest by Bangladesh Bank at six-month USD LIBOR + 1%, with the ADs charging at six month LIBOR + 2.50% on their USD loan disbursements to manufacturer


02. It has now been decided that to help exporters overcome hardships from the ongoing disruptions in normal shipment activities, interest rates on EDF loans to ADs will be charged by Bangladesh Bank at six-month USD LIBOR + 0.50%, while ADs will charge interest on the exporter-borrowers at six-month LIBOR + 1.50%; for disbursements over the next six months from the date of this circular.


Please bring the content of this circular to the notice of all concerned.



Yours faithfully,


(Md. Abdul Mannan)

Deputy General Manager

Phone: 9530319




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