4th NTTFC Meeting Notice (Meeting will be held on 27 December 2020


Hon'able Minister for Commerce will be the chairman of the NTTFC, Senior Secretary/Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce will be alternative chairperson of this committee.

The following activities will be performed by by this committee:

  • Review the legal provisions and procedures that govern the national trade and, transit and transport framework/system and suggest measures for simplification and harmonization consitent with the objective of facilitating trade.
  • Identifiy and discuss the issues in bilateral transport, trade and transit agreements with the neighboring countries and suggest measures for improvement in the content and procedure laid in relvant agreements. 
  • Improve coordination and dialogue among trade and transport-related agencies.
  • Provide policy feedback for advancing the concept of cooperation in trade, transport and transit facilitation at the sub-regional and regional level.
  • Advise on improvement of traffic management system with a view to lessen delays in transportation of goods and reduction of accidents.
  • Identify the major road blocks in improvement of transport system in general and inter-modal transport linkages in particular and suggest remedial measures.
  • Carry out periodic review of the progress of the projects implemented for improvement in the framework/system for transit, transport and trade facilitation.
  • Serve as the Project Steering Committee for the implementation of the Bangladesh Regional Connectivity Project; discuss key issues of implementation and direct project authorities to take measures for timely achievement of the project objectives and activities.
  • Undertake coordination of activities related to facilitation of international trade and transport and transit, particularly transit procedures, single window, addressing SPS and TBT barriers and streamlining export and import procedures.
  • Pursue efforts on simplification, standardization and harmonization of trade and transit documents.
  • Promote training and research in international trade, transit and transport and upgrade common knowledge of the stakeholders on the international practices.
  • Promote the adoption of standard trade and transport terminology and particularly the use of INCOTERMS by the Bangladesh Trading communities.
  • Collect and disseminate information on international trade and transport formalities, procedures, documentation and related matters.
  • Facilitate promoting the development and use of Inland Container Depot-ICDs, Integrated Check Post-ICPs and Container Freight Station-CFS with a view to enhancing the efficiency of international trade.
  • Ensure policy coherence between national development priorities and international obligations on trade facilitation reform.
  • Help mobilize the Trade Related Technical Assistance on trade and transport facilitation.
  • Provide a forum for stakeholder consultation on trade and transport-related policies and their implementation.
  •   Increase public awareness on trade facilitation measures, practices and standards.
  • Take necessary decisions for smooth functioning of the Committee and ensuring productive outcome of Committee meetings.
  • Any other tasks as assigned by the government decree.

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