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Covid-19 Incentive Packages


                                                              Covid-19 Incentive Packages, Circulars and SRO's


FID Circular No. 02: Refinance Scheme for the affected low income professionals, farmers, marginal/micro businessmen due to novel coronavirus.

BRPD Circular Letter No. 40: Financial stimulus package to mitigate probable economic impact due to breakout of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)

BRPD Circular Letter No. 36: Inclusion of industries situated outside BEZA/BEPZA/ Hi-Tech Park under stimulus packages declared by the Government due to breakout of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Regarding the grant proposal for COVID-19 Emergency Response Project(s) Development Fund (SDF) social window

NBR issued SROs due to Covid-19 Outbreak. SRO No. 92/Law/2020/69/Customs

SMESPD Circular No. 01:  Due to outbreak of novel corona virus(COVID-19) In the context of special loan /investment facilities for the CMSME sector

FEPD Circular No. 21: Enhancement of loan limit from Export Development Fund (EDF)

PSD Circular Letter No. 10: About charges to be applied for "Cash out" of the salaries of workers of export oriented industries

ACD Circular No. 01 : Due to the outbreak of Novel Corona virus, the purpose of providing working capital in the agricultural sector In the context of the policy of formulation and management of refinancing scheme of  BDT. 5,000 (five thousand) crore.

FE Circular Letter No. 19: Working capital loans from abroad by foreign owned/controlled companies

ACD Circular No. 02: Circular for Providing agricultural loan at 4% concessional interest rate in the crop sector to mitigate the crisis due to novel corona virus

FEPD Circular Letter No. 18 Import of agricultural implements and chemical fertilizers- extension of usance period

FEPD Circular Letter No. 17 Necessary cooperation for continuation of production, transport and supply chain of essential commodities and electronic goods amid Coronavirus outbreak

FEPD Circular Letter No. 16: Import of raw materials on 360 days usance basis for Power Generating Enterprises.

FEPD Circular Letter No. 14: Settlement of payment against inland LCs in foreign exchange.

ACD Circular No. 01:Refinance scheme of 5000 crore taka for providing working capital in agriculture sector due to break-out of Novel Corona Virus

BRPD Circular No. 09:Refinance Scheme for Pre-Shipment Credit to Mitigate the Crisis due to Novel Corona Virus

FEPD Circular Letter No. 12: Remittance against documents received directly by importers

FEPD Circular Letter No. 11: Quarterly repayment for imports under supplier's/buyer's credit - relaxationFEPD Circular No. 19: Refinancing for imports against usance back to back LCs

FEPD Circular No. 19: Refinancing for imports against usance back to back LCs

BRPD Circular Letter No. 14: Loans/Investments from stimulus Fund with a minimum service charge (one time at 2%) for active export oriented industries due to breakout of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

BRPD Circular Letter No. 12: Fixation of LC Margin on Child Food Import.

FE Circular No. 18: Interest rate on borrowing from Export Development Fund (EDF)

FEPD Circular No. 17: Import of life saving drug-extension of usance period.

FEPD Circular No. 16: Import of industrial raw materials-extension of usance period.

FEPD Circular No. 15: Advance Payment against imports of life saving drugs, etc.

FEPD Circular No. 13: Relaxation of foreign exchange regulations for trade transactions-extended facilities.

FEPD Circular No. 12: Submission of Shipping Document for Cash Incentive in RMG/Textile Sector

FEPD Circular Letter No. 09: Retention of foreign currency in single pool for back to back import payments

FEPD Circular No. 10: Transfer of remunerations to Foreign Currency (FC) accounts in the names of foreign nationals employed in EPZ/EZ/HTP companies in Bangladesh.

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