Declaration as a Group Leader to Import on Joint Basis

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Procedure NameDeclaration as a Group Leader to Import on Joint Basis

Category                                             : Certificate

Renewal Frequency of the License  : Renewal isn’t required  

Issuing Ministry                                 : Bangladesh Bank   

Issuing Authority/Incumbent Office:  Concerned Bank

Legal Basis of the Certificate               : Import Policy Order 2015-18

Required Documents


Documents Titles


Application Letter   


L/C Authorization Form   


L/C Application Form    


Declaration Letter   


Process Steps

Step 1

 Applicant submits the Application Letter along with the L/C Authorization Form and Declaration Letter to his nominated Bank.

Step 2

Nominated Bank checks the documents and if satisfies then proceeds to the next steps

Step 3

Nominated Bank provides No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the applicant and endorse a copy of certificate to the concerned import control authority. 

Step 4

 Applicant obtains the certificate


Official Time Limit: No Time Limit

Process Map:


CategoryBangladesh Bank (BB)

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