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NameRequirement for Labeling of all kinds of milk food products
DescriptionAll kinds of milk food products including baby food with fat contents covered under H.S. Heading 04.02 or 19.01 and all H.S. Code classifiable there under shall be importable subject to the following conditions, as;--- (a) The words: “মায়ের দুধের বিকল্প নাই (There is no alternative to breast- feeding) shall be printed clearly in relatively larger letters in Bangla in a visible space on each tin ,airtight package or bag in box of baby food with cream; (b) Composition and percentages of various ingredients shall be printed in Bangla on the tin containers, airtight packages or bag in boxes of milk food; (c) The date of manufacture and the date of expiry (for human consumption) of milk food shall be embossed or computer printed in permanent ink either in Bangla or in English on each airtight package with tin container, or bag in box; (d) The net weight of milk food shall be clearly indicated on each container in Bangla or in English; apart from this, in case of import of milk and milk product baby food, the registration number given by the Director, Institute of Public Health & Nutrition (IPHN) shall be printed on each tin/ airtight package with tin container/ bag in box clearly;
CommentsRequirement for Labelling of all kinds of milk food products
Validity From15-02-2016
Validity To30-06-2018
Technical Code
AgencyBangladesh Standards And Testing Institution
Created Date2015-08-26 16:11:59
Updated Date2016-05-11 21:31:05
Measure TypeGeneral Technical Standard
Legal/RegulationImport Policy Order 2015-18
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BSTI Certificate for Imported ProductsBSTI Certificate for Imported ProductsBangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI)View


This measure applies to commodity/s
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HS CodeDescription
--- Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 kg
--- Other
--- Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 kg
--- Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 kg
--- Other
--- Other
--- Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 kg
--- In powder form, in retail packing of upto 2.5 kg
---- Imported by VAT registered milk and milk products manufacturing industry
---- Other
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