33 Chapter 33 - Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations

Sub Chapter
3307 Pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations, personal deodorants, bath preparations, depilatories and other perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations, nor elsewhere specified or included, prepared room deodorisers, whether or not perfumed or having dis

Sub Heading
330710 - Pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations

33071000 Pre-Shave, Shaving Or After-Shave Preparations



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
CDCustoms DutyImport25%kg01-07-202130-06-2022
SDSupplementary DutyImport30%kg01-07-202130-06-2022
VATValue Added TaxImport15%kg01-07-202130-06-2022
AITAdvance Income TaxImport5%kg01-07-202130-06-2022
ATAdvance TradeImport5%kg01-07-202130-06-2022
RDRegulatory DutyImport3%kg01-07-202130-06-2022
EXDExport DutyImport0%kg01-07-202130-06-2022



Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Standards Certificate required for After Shave Lotion Mandatory Technical Standard Bangladesh Standards And Testing Institution(BSTI) After Shave Lotion may be imported after obtaining a conformity standards certificate from BSTI Standards Certificate required for After Shave Lotion Import Policy Order 2015-18 30-06-2018


Name Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
BSTI Certificate for Imported Products BSTI Certificate for Imported Products Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI) View