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02 Chapter 2 - Meat and edible meat offal

Sub Chapter
0203 Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen.

Sub Heading
020312 -- Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, with bone in

02031290 Fresh/Chilled Hams,Shoulders & Cuts Thereof,With Bone In, Nes



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
CDCustoms DutyImport25%kg01-07-202330-06-2024
SDSupplementary DutyImport0%kg01-07-202330-06-2024
VATValue Added TaxImport0%kg01-07-202330-06-2024
AITAdvance Income TaxImport5%kg01-07-202330-06-2024
ATAdvance TaxImport0%kg01-07-202330-06-2024
RDRegulatory DutyImport3%kg01-07-202330-06-2024
EXDExport DutyImport0%kg01-07-202330-06-2024



Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Prohibition to import Swine Prohibition Bangladesh Customs Prohibition to import of live Swine and any item prepared from Swine Prohibition to import Swine Import Policy Order 2015-18 30-06-2018