84 Chapter 84 - Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof

Sub Chapter
8414 Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors and fans; ventilating or recycling hoods incorporating a fan, whether or not fitted with filters.

Sub Heading
841490 - Parts

84149010 --- Of fan



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
CDCustoms DutyImport25u01-07-201830-06-2019
SDSupplementary DutyImport45u01-07-201830-06-2019
VATValue Added TaxImport15u01-07-201830-06-2019
AITAdvance Income TaxImport5u01-07-201830-06-2019
RDRegulatory DutyImport3u01-07-201830-06-2019
ATVAdvance Trade VATImport5u01-07-201830-06-2019
EXDExport DutyImport0u01-07-201830-06-2019



Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Technical Certificate Required to import Fans Mandatory Technical Standard Bangladesh Standards And Testing Institution Performances & construction of electric circulating fans & regulators (ceiling & deck head fans, pedestal fans & table/cabin fans with in-built regulators) Technical Certificate Required to import Fans Import Policy Order 2015-18 30-06-2018


Name Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
BSTI Certificate for Imported Products BSTI Certificate for Imported Products Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI) View