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A measure is a specific import or export requirement that applies to a commodity or to certain types of products. Typically a measure requires permits or licenses to be obtained from the relevant government agency prior to importing or exporting the goods. You can find out what measures are currently in force in Bangladesh using the search feature below.


Here you will find information on Bangladesh's own standards that businesses and traders operating in Bangladesh can choose to apply to the products they deal in. You can see the products to which standards apply and the relevant legal documents by searching for ‘National Standards’ below. 

Special Requirements

By using the search facilities below you will also be able to look up any generic requirements associated with specific commodities or products, such as the need to register to import certing products.


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NameEnforced ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Permit required for Nuclear Reactors & its parts Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC)Radiation Certificate Requirement15-02-201630-06-2018
Permit required for private sector import of LPGMinistry of Power, Energy and Mineral ResourcesPermit Requirement15-02-201630-06-2018
Required approval for Import of ExplosivesDepartment of ExplosivesPermit Requirement15-02-201630-06-2018
Health Certificate required for Fish and Fish ProductsMinistry of Fisheries and LivestockTechnical Standard15-02-201630-06-2018
Requirement for labeling of Pesticides & insecticidesBangladesh Standards And Testing InstitutionSPS15-02-201630-06-2018
Required certificate to export Fish and Fish products including Frozen fishMinistry of Fisheries and LivestockCertificate Requirement06-10-201514-10-2025
Restriction to only certain types of businessDepartment of Narcotics controlRestriction15-02-201630-06-2018
No Objection Certificate (NOC) required under some circumstancesMinistry of CommerceNo Objection Certificate (NOC) required 15-02-201630-06-2018
Required to Submit Import Price Information Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E)General (all products)15-02-201630-06-2018
Imports under Aid required Competitive QuoteBangladesh CustomsGeneral (all products)15-02-201630-06-2018